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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is giving NATA compulsory for taking admission to any Architectural College in India?

Yes it is; as prescribed by the Council of Architecture, a statutory body of Government of India created under section 3 of the Architects Act of 1972, prescribed with the authority to regulate architectural education in India.

By giving NATA, do I get automatic admission into any Architectural College in India?

No. NATA is just an Aptitude Test. On receiving the Score Card, the candidate will have to contact various admission authorities with NATA Score Card and other details (as prescribed by the respective Admission Authorities). Admission in India lies with the State (usually under Directorate of Technical Education for that state). Usually around summer, Admission Authorities will bring out admission notices in National & Regional newspapers. The candidate may contact schools of architecture directly for information as to when the admission process is scheduled to begin.

What is the last date for giving NATA?

The last date for NATA would be 31st August, 2018.

The dates on which NATA is available depends on the Test Centre. Candidates may request Test Centres for the preferred dates. If the candidate is available for NATA only on a particular date (or range of dates) that a particular Test Centre is not able to give, the candidate may register at any other Test Centre throughout India that is able to administer NATA on that date / time. TEST CENTRE LOCATION HAS NO BEARING ON CHOICE OF ADMISSION AND APPEARING AT A PARTICULAR CENTER FOR THE TEST DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THE CANDIDATE COULD BE GIVEN ANY PRIORITY FOR ADMISSION TO THAT INSTITUTE. The logical last date for giving NATA for candidates seeking admission this year itself would be 5 days before the last date for submitting application for admission under a particular Admission Authority. This varies from authority to authority.

What is the meaning of Admission Authority?

Admission Authority is a body, authorised by the State Govt. / University to conduct and monitor admissions in that area. This may vary from the Directorate of Technical Education itself, a major University, a body created by an association of Architectural Schools in that State (eg. MASA), or any other Admission Authority recognised by the state. The candidate may be advised to check up in advance with Schools of Architecture where he / she is applying for the details of the admission authority and other information on the exact admission process.

I am a foreign student / NRI. Can I take the test from my country of residence?

No. The candidate will have to register in India and give the test from any of the designated Test centres of his / her choice in India. The qualification process for giving NATA stands the same. Admission will be given by the respective admission authorities according to the rules laid down by it for students of such category.

If I belong to a particular quota (SC/ST/NT/etc.), do I get score waiver during admission?


Are there any additional fees payable for training, etc?


Do I have to appear for NATA at the college where I aspire to take admission?

No. You may appear for NATA at any Test center convenient to you. Based on the score you may seek admission to any college where you are eligible to seek admission.

What Identification-proofs should I carry to the test center at the time of exam?

  • » A government-issued identification document that has not expired (including but not limited to passport, permanent driver's license, state ID cards, national identification) in original. There are some exceptions: see Unacceptable Identification Documents.

  • » Std XII exam admit card with photo and signature (in original).

  • » Student ID card from the institute where he / she is currently enrolled AND Confirmation of identity letter from the candidate’s educational institution. (in original)

What are the other supplements Identification Documents Acceptable by test centers?

If the candidate’s primary identification is missing either a photo or a signature, the he / she must present one of the following supplemental IDs in addition to the primary ID. Supplemental IDs that can be used to meet the photo and/or signature requirements are:

  • » A government-issued identification document that has not expired (including but not limited to passport, driver's license, state ID cards, national identification). There are some exceptions: see Unacceptable Identification Documents.

  • » Confirmation of identity letter from the candidate’s educational institution
The confirmation of identity letter must contain the candidate’s date of birth; a recent, recognizable photo; the candidate’s signature; and the date issued.
The confirmation of identity letter must be typed on the original letterhead of the educational institution the candidate attend(ed), and the signature of the school official and the school seal must overlap the candidate’s photo. A letter of identity is valid for only one year after the date issued.

What are identification-proof documents are NOT acceptable?

  • » Any expired ID
  • » Credit card of any kind
  • » Learner's driving license or any temporary identification document.
  • » Notary-prepared letter or document
  • » Employee identification card
  • » Photocopies (Attested / unattested) of the acceptable identification documents

What is the test duration?

The test contains 2 sections and total of 3 hours

Section 1 is paper based Drawing test.It has 3 questions. (50 marks +25 marks+25 marks = Total of 100 marks). Test duration 2 hours.

Section 2 is online computer based test. It has 40 multiple choice questions on aesthetic sensitivity for 100 marks. Test Duration 1 hour. There is no Negative marking in this test.

Total NATA Test marks is 200. Minimum qualifying marks: 80/200.


How to check the NATA results?

The score cards will be available on NATA website in e-format. Usually, the score cards will be posted on the website on the fourth working day after the test.

The candidate, after fourth day may check his score directly from website giving his / her candidate ID. However, print out of such score card will be only for reference and information. Candidate, however, shall use print out of this score card while applying for the admission. Original score card will be retrieved by the admission authority directly from NATA server.

NOTE: Occasionally, delays in processing may occur. Some scores will not be available on the dates specified. Please check again. Only if the score card is still not seen after 7 days, we suggest the candidate to write to enquiry@plc-nata.comquoting his/ her candidate ID.

NATA Results

How to register for Paradigm learning Center (PLC) training program?

You can register through Online Register Here or you can directly walk-in to the “Paradigm learning Center” to register.

Is Paradigm learning Center (PLC) offered any other training apart from NATA?

NO. PLC offered a dedicated training program for the prospective applicants desirous of taking the NATA exam for the admission to First year of undergraduate course in Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture).

Where it is located?

PLC Located in the Tambaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Click here to – Contact us

Do you have any other branch offices in India?

No. We don’t have any branch or support offices in India.

Do you have free mock test- NATA question?

Yes. Please check the sample mock test - Click Here Sample Mock Test

How to contact PLC?

You can reach us through the following contact details

Mobile1: +91 90032 40363

Mobile2: +91 90032 40563


Can I see the few sketches works of your students?

Yes. Click here – “Student Sketches

What are the subjects will be covered in this training program?

PLC covers the “BOTH” parts Drawing and Aesthetic sensitivity in an extensive manner from the ground level.

Who is taking the classes?

Paradigm Learning Centre (PLC) having dedicated Subject-Matter-Experts as a tutors for Drawing and Aesthetic Sensitivity.

Still Having more questions?

We would like to hear from you +91 90032 40363 / +91 90032 40563 or walk-in to our premise.

New Announcements


    • » PLC Wishes all the +2 & 10th Students - All the Best for your Exams!!!

  • NATA 2018

    • » This Year NATA Will Be Conducted As a One Day Paper Based Examination All Over the Country

    • » NATA Exam on 29/04/2018. (Sunday) (10:30 AM to 01:30 PM)

    • » NATA Registration Started 16-JAN-18

    • » Last Date to Register for NATA is 02-MAR-2018


    • » NATA Exam is for 200 Marks

    • » SECTION 1 - Mathematics - 20 MCQ'S - 40 Marks

    • » SECTION 2 - General Aptitude - 40 MCQ'S - 80 Marks

    • » SECTION 3 - Drawing - 2 Qns - 80 Marks


    • » NATA Exam Duration : 3 Hours

    • » Maths, General Aptitude : First 90 Mins

    • » Drawings : Last 90 Mins

  • » Call & Register: 90032 40363 / 90032 40563

    » Enrollment going on for New Batches for Regular Course

    » Admission Started – Weekend Batches for Classes 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th

    » Online Study Material Available

    » Unique - Online Mock Test Series Available

Important Dates

    • NATA Course Begins on 4th April 2018

    » Tambaram

    » T-Nagar

    » Trichy

    » Salem

    » Vellore

    » Tirupati

    • NATA 2018

    » +2Exam_Time_Table_2018

    » NATA Online Registration Started : 16-JAN-2018

    » Last Date to Register for NATA : 02-MAR-2018

    » NATA Exam : 29-APR-2018 (Sunday) (10:30 AM to 01:30 PM)

    » Availability of Admit Card : 02-APR-2018

    » NATA Result : 01-JUN-2018


Quick Facts:

  • Architecture

    » The word “Architecture” derived from the Greek Word – “Arkhitekton”. The art and science of design and erecting buildings and other physical structures.

    » FREI OTTO – German Architect. Key Structures by FREI OTTO : Olympic Stadium Munich, Tuwaiq Palace

    » SHIGERU BAN – Japanese Architect. A key building by SHIGERU BAN : Centre Pompidou-Metz, France
  • RIBA:

    » The RIBA( Royal Institute of British Architects) Stirling Prize is the UK's most prestigious architecture prize.
  • RIBA Stirling Prize 2014:

    » Building : EVERYMAN THEATRE
    » Architect : Haworth Tompkins
  • WAF:

    » The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is an annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry. WAF 2014 was held in Singapore.
  • WAF:

    » WAF awarded, World building of the year to The Chapel, Vietnam, designed by a21studio.
  • Pritzker Architecture Prize:

    » Pritzker Architecture Prize is the most Prestigious & highest award to architects and it is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of architecture.
  • Pritzker Architecture Prize:

    » It is awarded annually by the Hyatt Foundation to honour "a living architect.
    » Founded in 1979 by Jay A. Pritzker and his wife Cindy.
    » Eduardo Souto de Moura from Portugal Won in 2011.
  • Pritzker Architecture Prize:

    » Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi-British architect was the first female prize winner in 2004.
    » Philip Johnson was an American architect and the first Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1979.
  • Burj Khalifa:

    » Burj Khalifa located in Dubai.
    » The total cost for the project was about US$1.5 billion.
  • Burj Khalifa:

    » Construction began on 21 September 2004, with the exterior of the structure completed on 1 October 2009
    » The tower is designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.
  • Burj Khalifa:

    » Adrian D. Smith is an American architect who has designed the Burj Khalifa
  • Empire State Building:

    » Empire State Building located in in New York City, United States
  • Empire State Building:

    » It has a roof height of 1,250 feet (381 meters).
    » Designed by Architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon.
  • Lotus Temple:

    » The Bahá'í House of Worship in Delhi, India, popularly known as the Lotus Temple.
    » Located in New Delhi, India.
  • Lotus Temple:

    » Architectural style is Expressionist.
    » Designed by Architect Fariborz Sahba.
  • Sydney Operahouse:

    » Located in Sydney, Australia.
    » Architectural style is Expressionist
  • Sydney Operahouse:

    » Built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon
    » Utzon received the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honour, in 2003.
  • Liang Sicheng - Father of Modern Chinese Architecture

  • What is meant by Architecture?

    » It is the art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures.
  • What is meant by Architecture?

    » Architecture comprise all design activity, from the macro-level (urban design, landscape architecture) to the micro-level (Building design, construction details and furniture).